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New Zealand - A Unique Biopark

Zealand has an international focus and a proud tradition of innovation. Among its many attributes is an enviable biotechnology capability which owes it's strength to:

  • Unique natural resources
  • Excellent animal health status
  • A deregulated and highly competitive economy
  • Advanced agriculture and bioscience sectors
  • Stringent border control by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF)
  • High standards of regulatory control for the manufacture of animal derived products
  • A science community with strong international links

With less than 200 years of European settlement, New Zealand has been able to protect it's pristine environment and unique ecology. When the settlers arrived they introduced a small range of domestic and game animals which founded New Zealand's economic success. World leadership in pastoral agriculture was quickly established and has laid the foundation for what is today a robust and sophisticated biotechnology sector.

New Zealand - Disease Free Status

Image of the earth showing New Zealand in relation to other lamd masses

Geographic isolation has helped protect New Zealand from many significant diseases affecting animals in other parts of the world. The country is classified by the OIE (Office International Epizooties, Paris France) as free of all List A diseases and is also free of other significant diseases such as scrapie and BSE.

A rigorous and committed government Ministry of Agriculture border protection system exists to ensure the continuation of the country's unrivalled animal health status.

International Success - through efficiency and enterprise

The country's low population combined with its isolation have been the impetus for the development of an innovative, export-orientated business culture. Satisfying the needs of demanding customers has become second nature to New Zealand companies, and a comprehensive communications and transport infrastructure means distance is no obstacle to the efficient supply of goods and services worldwide.

New Zealand's traditional market is in the agricultural sector, where, in order to be competitive, farmers evolved practices which are among the most efficient in the world. Based on low-input grazing systems for livestock, they have always had a strong emphasis on animal health and environmental care. This traditional market has expanded to include animal-derived biologicals.

As a result of government macroeconomic reform in the 1980s, New Zealand has one of the most open and deregulated business environments in the world. A highly educated and flexible workforce, forward thinking legislation and exceptional raw materials have led the international success for companies.

Biologicals and Biochemicals

The low incidence of disease in New Zealand has resulted in a strong international demand for its animal-derived biologicals. In particular, blood and serum products such as protein extracts, foetal calf serum, adult bovine serum, donor animal sera and antisera are supplied to pharmaceutical and biotechnology users.